SLS World Cup 2023 Leadership Team Split payment




$599 Split in to two payment option for Leng (Rosalia M. Go-Oco) – Registration is complete when this payment is processed twice.  Thank you Leng!


Requirements: TL/Team Leader

  • Registered and committed to being integrity, passion, authenticity, humility and on the field dedicated to the noble cause of transforming the world.
  • With a recommendation of World Cup Trainer. QTL/Qualified Team Leader June 2023
  • Complete three levels and serve as staff leader for Basic and an Advanced training at home center.
  • Flight purchased 75 days before June 22, 2023.
  • Minimum two new personal participants, or two new personal TL’s, or one new personal participant and one personal TL.



  • TL/Team Leader. Registrados y comprometidos a ser integros, apasionados, auténticos, humildes y dedicados en el campo a la noble causa de transformar el mundo. • Con recomendación de World Cup Trainer.
  • QTL/ Qualified Team Leader (Lider de equipo calificado) Junio 2023
  • Complete tres niveles y sirva como Staff para entrenamientos básico y avanzado en el centro del hogar. 
  • Vuelo comprado 75 días antes del 22 de junio de 2023. 
  • Minimo dos nuevos participantes personales, o dos nuevos TL personales, o un nuevo participante personal y un TL personal.