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Successful Living Summit is a Transformational Leadership Experience designed to enhance the quality of life in areas like your career, relationships, communication, love, and family. This powerful experiential training will support a person in living a life with passion and vitality.


Transformational Leadership – An experiential training where transformation occurs by way of exploration, reflection, and participation in activities that parallel real life situations. You will examine your behaviors and experience the effects of your behaviors while embracing feedback in a safe and supportive environment. Assumptions will be challenged and new ways of thinking will be formed.


Advanced Leadership – Awareness is just the beginning. The advanced course is designed to assist SLS 1 graduates with discovering their personal power. Applying what you learned in SLS 1 and contributing to the experience along the way will produce extraordinary and tangible results. Breakthroughs will occur in areas like self-expression, confidence, and creativity. Powerful shifts will take place, your thought process will be interrupted, and you will obtain the tools needed to maximize your full potential.

Children’s Leadership

Children’s Leadership – A two day experience for children ages 6-12 that focuses on Confidence, Respect, Responsibility, Teamwork,Empowerment, Freedom of  Expression and Appreciation for family.



“SLS’ focus was less about HOW to be and more on WHO you are being. For the first time I was able to clearly and honestly reflect on myself and hold myself accountable for the kind of person I was CHOOSING to be.”
Whitnee Dolce

“Successful Living Summit was life changing. I discovered so much about myself; flaws, strengths, etc. I have been able to make huge leaps in many areas of my life because of the training. This type of training should be used in schools!”

Travis Minardi
“SLS was a life changing experience, it helped me in my personal life, and it helped me start my career. I look forward to my future.”
Albert Iniguez
“A life altering experience and an amazing weekend of personal development and transformation.”
Bryan Lorden
“This training has changed my thought process from negative to positive. Since SLS, I value teamwork on the job a lot more.”
Garrett Addington
“The most important days of your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.- Mark Twain. SLS is the how you find out your why. This weekend allowed me to see how I was coming across to my peers and it allowed me to design a future that I was willing to live with no regrets.”
David De Anda


SLS is a personal development training where transformation occurs through experiential learning. You will have an opportunity to participate in activities and processes that invoke introspection and awareness.
Everyone. (Children and Teens’ trainings coming soon.)
Hilton Glendale Hotel and Executive Meeting Center
100 W. Glenoaks Blvd.
Glendale, CA 91202
Click Here for Map & Directions
SLS 1 is 3 days and Final Summit is 4 days. Click Register Now to view schedule for next training.
You are not required to stay over night.
If you choose to leave early and not complete the program you will not graduate and receive your certificate of completion. A refund will not be issued for incomplete attendance or cancellations.
YES! You are encouraged to share the opportunity for transformation with others. Invite friends and family to visit our page and register ahead of time.
Transformational Leadership Certified Trainers.
No. You may bring snacks and water or purchase something from the snack shop in the hotel during breaks.
You may want to bring a sweater or jacket. The training room does have the AC on for the duration of the training.
No. Comfortable clothing is recommended for all 3 days. For graduation you can bring graduation attire to change into.
There will be a short ceremony where you will receive your certificate of completion.
Parking at the Hotel is available at an SLS discounted rate with validation.

SLS 1 Philippines

SLS Retreat