“SLS’s focus was less about HOW to be and more on WHO you are being. For the first time I was able to clearly and honestly reflect on myself and hold myself accountable for the kind of person I was CHOOSING to be.”
Whitnee Dolce
“Successful Living Summit was life changing. I discovered so much about myself; flaws, strengths, etc. I have been able to make huge leaps in many areas of my life because of the training. This type of training should be used in schools!”
Travis Minardi
“SLS was a life changing experience, it helped me in my personal life, and it helped me start my career. I look forward to my future.”
Albert Iniguez
“A life altering experience and an amazing weekend of personal development and transformation.”
Bryan Lorden
“This training has changed my thought process from negative to positive. Since SLS, I value teamwork on the job a lot more.”
Garrett Addington
“The most important days of your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.- Mark Twain. SLS is the how you find out your why. This weekend allowed me to see how I was coming across to my peers and it allowed me to design a future that I was willing to live with no regrets.”
David De Anda