Terms and Conditions


I am fully informed to my satisfaction about The SLS Leadership (SLS World Cup). I willingly choose to participate in the training at this time.

I understand the SLS World Cup is an experiential, leadership, educational program that may or may not assist in professional and personal

effectiveness. It is not intended to be psychotherapy or medical therapy or a substitute for either one. SLS World Cup trainers are not licensed

psychiatrists or psychologists. I understand that the program may involve physical contact, such as hugging, and if I do not consent to this, I will tell the

trainer that I object before or at the time the contact occurs. I further understand that several of the processes in the program involve sharing and I may

experience deep emotions and possibly emotional stress, anxiety, tears, and physical discomfort or exhaustion.

I do not have any doubts about my mental health, emotional stability, or physical ability to handle this program. Any doubts I may have had are resolved

by me before deciding to enroll myself by consulting a physician, psychiatrist, psychotherapist, or psychologist. I have the necessary knowledge with

regard to participating in the SLS World Cup with no objection to my participation in the Leadership training.

I understand that the SLS World Cup, its employees, and the team members are here to assist me and are responsible only for presenting the program

in an orderly manner. SLS World is not my fiduciary and I do not expect this program to be administered with the standard of care expected of trained

mental health professionals. If I feel mental or physical discomfort or adverse effects during the program, I promise to inform the trainer or staff

immediately. I understand that I am free to leave the program at any time for any reason. If I feel I need assistance from anyone, professional or

otherwise, I will take full responsibility for leaving the program and obtaining it from a 3rd party.

Note: Section 2 of this Agreement provides options that are mutually exclusive. Please read and initial each and every provision. Choosing

Section 2 results in your giving up certain valuable legal rights to sue SLS World Cup Inc. Its officers, directors, employees, agents,

representatives, volunteers or staff, successors or assigns (hereinafter collectively “SLS LEADERSHIP RETREAT” or “SLS WORLD CUP OF

TRANSFORMATION”) for any personal, physical, psychological or emotional injuries you may claim to suffer as a result of the program or

related activities.


In consideration of SLS World Cup allowing me to attend and participate in the SLS World Cup and its associated activities,

I___________________________, on behalf of myself, my heirs, executors, administrators, and assigns, hereby agree:

ASSUMPTION OF RISK: I am fully aware that participating in the SLS World Cup may contain risks of physical or psychological injury. I know and

understand the scope, nature, and extent of the risks involved in the program and activities contemplated by this agreement. I voluntarily and freely

choose to incur and assume any and all such risks and dangers.

EXEMPTION FROM LIABILITY: I hereby fully and forever discharge and release SLS World Cup from any and all liability, claims, demands, actions,

and causes of actions whatsoever arising out of any damages, both in law and equity, in any way resulting from personal, physical, psychological or

emotional injuries, distress or death sustained that I claim out of SLS World Cup or any of its associated activities. Exemption from liability in this

provision includes loss, damage, or injury resulting from the negligence of SLS World Cup or its program participants or from any other cause or causes.

COVENANT NOT TO SUE: I agree not to institute, initiate or assist in the prosecution of any suit, claim or action at law or equity, or otherwise, against

SLS World Cup or its program participants for damages which I or my heirs, executors, administrators or assigns hereafter may have arising from SLS

World Cup or any of its associated activities.

INDEMNITY AGREEMENT: I agree to indemnify and hold harmless SLS World Cup and its program participants from any and all losses, claims, actions,

or proceedings of any kind which may be based on my participation in SLS World Cup, and which may be initiated by me and/or any other person or

organization on my behalf. This includes reimbursement of all legal costs and reasonable counsel fees incurred by SLS World Cup or other indemnified

parties for the defense of any such actions which may arise directly or indirectly from my participation in SLS World Cup.

INSURANCE DISCLAIMER: I understand SLS World Cup does not provide any insurance, either medical or liability, for any incident occurring as a

result of my participation in the SLS World Cup or its associated activities, and if I want insurance of any kind, I must furnish my own.

WAIVER OF PUNITIVE DAMAGES: I understand and agree that I am waiving and forever abandoning any claims for punitive or exemplary damages

against SLS World Cup. I voluntarily choose to give up this right.

ARBITRATION AGREEMENT: I agree that any controversy or claim not effectively released in this agreement arising out of or relating to participation in

the SLS World Cup will be determined by submission to arbitration in accordance with the rules of the American Arbitration Association (except that

punitive damages are waiver in SECTION 2, paragraph 5 above), and not by lawsuit or resort to court process (except as applicable law provides for

judicial review of arbitration proceedings). This agreement includes arbitration of claims against SLS World Cup or otherwise. The decision of the

arbitrators may be entered in any court having jurisdiction in such matters. By signing this I am agreeing to have any issue or claim arising out of my

participation in this training decided by neutral arbitration and I am giving up my right to a jury or a court trial.

VIDEO/PHOTO RELEASE: I am irrevocably giving permission to SLS World Cup of Transformation, any third party contracted by SLS World Cup of

Transformation or a designated media organization, to take and use photographs, video, or sound recordings of myself for the SLS World Cup and

subsequent marketing. I consent to the use of the photographs, video, and sound recordings and my image, likeness, appearance, and voice are

forever. I will not receive compensation for the use of my image, likeness, appearance, work, and voice now or in the future. SLS World Cup of

Transformation may use the photographs, video, and sound recordings containing my image, likeness, appearance, work, and voice in any manner or

media, including use on web pages. The photographs, video, and sound recordings may be used in whole or in part, alone or with other like content. All

rights, title, and interest in the photographs, video, and sound recordings belong solely to the SLS World Cup of Transformation. I understand and agree

to the conditions outlined in this Release and Consent Form. I irrevocably give consent to the SLS World Cup of Transformation to make use of my

image, likeness, appearance, work, and voice as described above. I acknowledge that I am fully aware of the contents of this release and am under no

disability, duress, or undue influence at the time of my signing of this instrument.

I understand that the Trainers and Keynote speaker(s) are subject to change without notice. I understand this Agreement shall be construed and

governed by the laws of the State of California, and that it cannot be modified unless in writing and signed by both parties.

______ I hereby expressly recognize that this Agreement is a contract and I have released any and all claims against the indemnified parties resulting

from my participation in the SLS World Cup, or any of its associated activities, including any claims caused by the negligence of the indemnified parties.